Monday, November 19, 2007

Experiences with cheapskates

I am famous for having a good memory so let me recall some experiences I;ve had with cheapskates in my life.  I will use initials to protect the privacy of my frugal friends.

1.  RH and I are alumni of Forest Hills High School  class of 1967 which had a 35th year reunion in 2002.  I paid $45 for the reunion, but RH came along, didn't pay, and told the organizers that he would hang around until the food came.

2.  When RH goes to the movies he tries to get free passes.  If he has to pay at a multiplex he usually goes to two or more movies when paying for only one.

3. Some years back RH and I went to the American Museum of Natural History.  A donation of any amount was required.  I gave $5, but RH gave a nickel.  In recent years his donation has increased to a quarter.

4.  When RH goes to the theater or to a ballet he buys the cheapest ticket.  He makes friends with the ushers and moves to better seats at the intermission.

5. When HK took his car with friends he would always ask for money for gas even if he went a few miles.

6 When HK invites people to his house in the winter he keeps the thermostat so low that all his guests freeze

Enough for now


Anonymous said...

You may need to upgrade your choice of friends. . .or just appreciate them for other, non frugal, reasons!  We all have our little quirks!  My own husband has a reputation with family/friends circle for "moving up" to better seats when possible. However, he tried it once at the Iowa State Girls' Basketball tournament. . .and we all laughed from across the arena when he was asked to move by the ushers. . .as the Iowa governor and entourage came in.  At least Dave chooses good seats to snatch!

Anonymous said...

I am proud to say I am cheap Bruce!  Still, I wouldn't try to wiggle my way out of paying an established price (i.e. a movie ticket or entrance into the reunion).  I wouldn't force my cheapness on others as well.  Then again to avoid having to do that, I wouldn't have invited the people into my car in the first place!

Funny entry!

Anonymous said...

Bruce, would one of your cheapskate friends have the intitals: AB?

Just asking?


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