Saturday, November 10, 2007

Shopping today at Macys, Radio Shack, and Itunes

I always hate to go shopping but it is mid-November and I need some winter clothes.  We drove out to Macy's in Douglaston and bought a winter coat, some long sleeve shirts, and a hat.  We returned home and decided to eat lunch at McDonalds.  From there we walked over to RAdio Shack where I bought some blanks CDs, CD cases and the Who Wants to Be a Millionaire DVD game.  Millionaire is my second favorite game show after Jeopardy.  Since it is on 12:30 weekdays, I only watch it once a week after Karen records it on the VCR.  I also downloaded from Itunes the Flowers album released by the Rolling Stones in 1967.  I bought it years ago on an 8 track tape.

Mark Simone interviewed Harry Harrison tonight.  Lee really wanted to hear this interview since from his birth till age 15 he listened to Harry every morning.  Harry even announced Lee's Bar Mitzvah on his show in 2001.  We played back the tape at the reception.

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Anonymous said...

Just have to comment on Macys.  When I first moved to midwest in 1963, I was homesick for many things out east--family, friends and stores like Macys!  Now we have Macys 20 minutes away and, of course, up at Mall of America, 30 minutes away.  It's not quite as exciting now to go into a Macy store.  Hmmm. . .I think there's a lesson to be learned there.  When we don't have it--we want it and when we have it--we ignore it.

Don't know who Harry Harrison is, but must be someone special if he announced Lee's Bar Mitzvah on radio show for all to hear!   A lot more special than when Dave was on the radio in Mason City, Iowa on a Sunday morning and announced it was my 50th birthday--he said I would appreciate phone calls.  Yes, I got phone calls, all the time I was trying to get ready for church!

Have a good Thanksgiving!

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