Tuesday, August 22, 2023

Does Anybody Know How to Run a Meeting?

Several months ago, I reported that I was leaving a discussion group for seniors since I felt that the meetings were poorly run.  Last night I attended a meeting of residents of my co-op since the meeting was not run properly by the President of the co-op board.

A meeting was scheduled to discuss an assessment made to the shareholders as costs were rising.  At first, the President said he would show a PowerPoint showing how costs have risen in recent years and take questions and comments later.  As soon as he started the former treasurer started to make a comment.  Then, the former President made another comment and people started shouting.  The current President should have insisted that all be quiet, but several people had to interrupt.  I immediately left the meeting and returned to my apartment.  At least the managers at my former employer knew how to run a meeting.

The good news was that I watched the Mets beat the Atlanta Braves 10-4.

I'd like to comment that there is no sense of community in my co-op.

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