Tuesday, August 1, 2023

Thank Goodness the MLB Trading Deadline is at 6 PM Today


I am just tired of reading about trade speculations in The Athletic, MLB.com, and ESPN. I get disgusted when I hear about trades that are actually made.  It is now 9:20 AM and the deadline is 6 PM, so I expect a flurry of trades to be made in the next few hours.  Some quotes that I have read in the many years I have been a baseball fan:
  • The best trades are the ones you don't make
  • The best trades are the ones that benefit both teams.
These trades made at the deadline benefit the teams that are in contention while the teams with poor records suffer.  Let me take my "beloved" Mets as an example.  As of this writing, they have made three trades in the last few days:
  • They traded their #1 relief pitcher, David Robertson, for two low-level minor leaguers.
  • They traded their best starting pitcher, Max Scherzer for an AA infielder who is at least a year away from making the parent team.  The Mets are giving the Texas Rangers $36 Million as part of the deal
  • They traded outfielder Mark Canha for a minor leaguer.
There are rumors that pitchers Justin Verlander, Brooks Raley, Adam Ottavino, and outfielder Tommy Pham could be traded.

Even though Mets GM Billy Eppler says: 'This is not a rebuild, or fire sale or liquidation, it's a repurposing, the team is weakened for the rest of the season.  The Mets' record is now 50-55 but will likely get worse as a result of these trades.  There is no guarantee that the minor leaguers will eventually come to the Mets and be impact players.

I think the Commissioner of Baseball should like the amount of money that is given as part of a trade.

Stay tuned.

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