Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Historic Trades by the Mets - June 15, 1977: The Long-Term Results are Known - August 1, 2023: We Can Only Speculate on the Long-Term Results

On June 15, 1977, the Mets traded franchise player and future Hall of Famer Tom Seaver to the Cincinnati Reds for:

  • Pat Zachry
  • Doug Flynn
  • Steve Henderson
  • Dan Norman

Three of the four players listed above were adequate major league players but could fill Seaver’s shoes.  Over the next seasons, the Mets’ records were:

  • 1977  64-98
  • 1978  66-96
  • 1979 63-99
  • 1980 67-95
  • 1981 41-62
  • 1982 65-97
  • 1983 68-94

Over the past few days leading up to the trading deadline the Mets traded

  • David Robertson – Relief Pitcher
  • Max Scherzer – starting pitcher and future Hall of Famer
  • Justin Verlander – starting pitcher and future Hall of Famer
  • Mark Canha – Outfielder
  • Tommy Pham – Outfielder
  • Dominic Leone – Relief Pitcher

Thus almost 25% of the roster was traded.  In return, the Mets got the following minor-league prospects:

  • Luisangel Acuña
  • Ronald Hernandez
  • Marco Vargas
  • Justin Jarvis
  • Drew Gilbert
  • Ryan Clifford
  • Jeremy Rodriguez
  • Jeremiah Jackson

The Mets have obviously weakened their team for the remainder of this season.  I assume that AAA players from Syracuse will be brought up to fill out the roster. Last night the bullpen could not protect a three-run lead in the 10th inning.  Call-up Josh Walker balked in the winning run.  Is this what we will have to put up with for the rest of the season?

Nobody knows how the eight prospects acquired in the trades will work out.  They could become all-stars or busts.  This is a gamble that Steve Cohen and Billy Eppler have made. I can not see the Mets being competitive again until 2025 at the earliest.  Perhaps Steve Cohen will open his wallet for free agents in the coming off-season.  He really likes to spend money, but in my opinion, he is being reckless as he is spending up to $54 Million to Astros in the Verlander trade and $38 Million to the Rangers for Scherzer.  Why spend big bucks to pay pitchers to play for other teams? I think the Commissioner of Baseball should limit the amount of cash sent in trades.  An owner should not wholesale changes in the roster in the middle of the season lowering the quality of the team for season ticket holders.  I bought a 20-game package for this season.

Time will tell.



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