Friday, August 4, 2023

Final Thoughts on the Trade Deadline Moves by the Mets


  • I bought a 20-game package for this season with the hope that the Mets would at least get into the playoffs.  The team has recalled some players from AAA Syracuse who have not been impressive in the series against the Kansas City Royals, one of the worst teams in baseball.  The Mets were swept in that series.  
  • How will the eight prospects acquired by the Mets perform in the long run?  Three of them are less than 20 years old and would be several years ago from the major leagues.  Very often players will do well at the minor league level but perform poorly when they are recalled to the parent team.
  • IMHO the trade deadline should be moved back to June 15 where it stood until 1985.
  • Major moves in the roster should not happen in the middle of the season.
  • There should be a limit on how much money can be moved during a player transaction.  Steve Cohen is paying $98 million in salaries to Verlander and Scherzer.  In total he has paying $138 million to players not on the Mets' roster.

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