Tuesday, July 11, 2023

The Service Department of a Car Dealership Let Me Down

 I bought my 2015 Chevy Cruze from a dealership in Queens. For months I have received emails and even phone calls inviting me to have my car serviced there.  They even sent a coupon for $30 off a Mobil 1 oil change. I surmised that business at their service department was slow since they were obviously trying to drum up business.  I phoned them to make an appointment for this morning at 10:30. They even called and emailed me yesterday to verify. I arrived at the appointed time and found the door to the service department closed.  I could not wait on the street with my car since I would be blocking traffic.  I was able to pull over to a bus stop to phone them.  The person in the service said they were quite busy and had to close the doors.  There was no other choice but to leave.  You would think they should accommodate someone who made an appointment.

I needed an oil change and thought I should also flush out the cooling system.  I went to an oil change specialist in my neighborhood who also provided a car wash that I needed.  Flushing out the cooling system was not urgent so I can wait to find another mechanic

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