Monday, July 17, 2023

Mets 2 Dodgers 1 in 10 Innings


The game was scheduled to begin at 1:40 PM. but it was raining steadily all morning.  At 10 AM the team announced the game would start at 5:10 PM when the weather forecast was more favorable.  When we arrived at the stadium the ground crew was still working on the field as the start time was delayed again to 5:30 PM.

Starting pitcher Max Scherzer held the Dodgers to no runs and one hit in seven innings.  The Mets scored one run on a groundout with the bases loaded by Brandon Nimmo.  The Dodgers scored a run in the eighth inning on an RBI single by Mookie Betts.

In the bottom of the tenth inning, pinch hitter Luis Guillorme failed on two bunt attempts but doubled in free runner Bret Baty for the win. Reliever David Robertson won the game for the Mets, while Nick Robertson was the losing pitcher for the Dodgers.  How many times has the winning and losing pitcher had the same surname in baseball history?

Game Highlights

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