Saturday, July 8, 2023

My Experience with Dating Apps Has Been Disappointing


After Karen passed away in February 2021, I didn’t want to think about returning to dating for at least a year.  Since early 2022 I have grappled with this.  A month or so ago I joined the dating app on Facebook which is free.  I composed a profile and waited to see what would happen. After a few women clicked on my profile a chat ensued.  Usually after a few messages the chat died.  They call this ghosting as the person disappears.  There were some matches where the woman lived far away. Compatibility cannot be established by looking at photos and a list of interests. I don’t want to travel to eastern Long Island or New Jersey and for an initial date that doesn’t work out.  When I was in college there were many dates that did not work out.  I don’t want to go through that experience again.  So far, my involvement in dating apps has been disappointing.  Getting involved in dating again might just complicate my situation.

You never know what could happen. My nephew met his wife on JDate as they were both interested in running.  For now, at least I don’t want to get involved in dating.

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