Monday, July 10, 2023

The Rough and Rowdy Ways Tour is Going on Hiatus

 Rock music journalists have called the Bob Dylan tour from 1988 to the present The Never Ending Tour.  This moniker has never been embraced by Dylan or his people.  The tour from 2021 is officially called The Rough and Rowdy Ways Worldwide Tour 2021-2024.  In 2023 the tour stopped in Japan in April and southern Europe in June and July.  The last concert was yesterday in Rome, Italy.  I presume after a short hiatus, the tour will resume, but to where?

Dylan fans are intrigued when he deviates from the regular set list and sings songs that he did not write.  Below are recordings of his playing Truckin' and Only a River.  Some concertgoers know how to circumvent security to get recording devices into the venue.

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