Saturday, July 15, 2023

Texting vs Phone Calls - Which is Best?

About a week ago a young lady whom a didn't know wanted to become Facebook friends with me. I thought let me friend her, and if there was a problem, I could always unfriend her just as easily.  She initiated an instant message exchange which then moved over to text messaging.  I always advise online acquaintances of my age and status.  She is 40 years old, widowed with a four-year-old son, and lives in West Virginia.  I discussed my situation with her and my poor experiences with online dating.  After many text messages, I suggested we talk over the phone.  She insisted on continuing on text messaging.

I found this website that gives an objective comparison of the two methods of communication.  I'll take out a few comments.  It is written from a business perspective but can be applied to personal communications.  Here are some comments from that site:

Some situations where texting is best include:

When connecting with younger generations – millennials, for instance, are heavy users of digital technologies and, as such, prefer texting.  She is a Millenial.

Texting may not work well when a detailed conversation is necessary.

A phone call can work best since it can create stronger bonds compared to text messaging, so they're great for communicating with friends and family.

A downside to voice calls is that they can disturb people and make them stop what they're doing. This can cause them to be upset or annoyed and even ignore your call entirely

I hope my text message friend will seriously consider a phone call from me.


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