Wednesday, February 8, 2023

Whenever MLB Expands to 32 Teams the National and American Leagues Should be Preserved


Rob Manfred, the Commissioner of Baseball, says that MLB will not expand until the stadium situations in Tampa Bay and Oakland are resolved.  The stadium in Oakland needs to be updated while the park in St. Petersberg needs to be more centrally located.  Those two cities should be given an ultimate for planning a new stadium constructed by a specific date.  This way MLB can move forward with specific expansion plans.

Jim Bowden, a baseball writer, suggests in The Athletic (subscription required) that the National and American Leagues be abolished and MLB have an eastern and western conference with divisions based on geography.  Each league has a very rich history with unique hitting and pitching records.  This should be preserved.  He also assumes that Charlotte and Nashville will get expansion teams.  These cities are also be considered in future expansion:

  • Montreal
  • Las Vegas
  • Portland, Oregon
His article is totally speculative.  Below is his proposal,

Eastern Conference

East Division
Boston Red Sox
New York Mets
New York Yankees
Philadelphia Phillies

North Division
Cincinnati Reds
Cleveland Guardians
Detroit Tigers
Toronto Blue Jays

Mid-Atlantic Division
Baltimore Orioles
Charlotte expansion team
Pittsburgh Pirates
Washington Nationals

Southeast Division
Atlanta Braves
Miami Marlins
Nashville expansion team
Tampa Bay Rays

Western Conference

Midwest Division
Chicago Cubs
Chicago White Sox
Milwaukee Brewers
Minnesota Twins

Southwest Division
Houston Astros
Kansas City Royals
St. Louis Cardinals
Texas Rangers

Pacific Coast Division
Colorado Rockies
Oakland/Las Vegas A’s
Seattle Mariners
San Francisco Giants

West Division
Arizona Diamondbacks
Los Angeles Angels
Los Angeles Dodgers
San Diego Padres

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