Friday, February 17, 2023

I Don't Want to Drive in the Rain to Attend a Discussion Group


I belong to a senior center in eastern Queens that holds discussion groups for older adults.  Some months ago I attended on meeting on Wednesday mornings that was publicized as a singles group.  This group was comprised of about 80% of women, likely to be widowed or divorced.  After several weeks I gave up on it as I was just hearing other people's small talk.  I attended another group on Mondays to discuss current events.  This group was a little better as the topics were more substantial,

I suggested to the manager of this center that an all-men's discussion group be established.  They followed through with my idea and started a group on Friday mornings.  Since it is raining this morning, I am not motivated to drive over there.

There is a social worker for each group who is meant to be a moderator.  In all three groups, it is inevitable that a few people dominate the conversation making it difficult to get a word in edgewise.  This has greatly frustrated me as I usually leave the session unhappy.  I wish the respective social worker would take charge and make sure that everyone has a chance to speak.

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