Wednesday, February 15, 2023

MLB and NHL - Extra Innings and Overtime Rules


An extra innings game can really put stress on a team's pitching staff.  Since 2020 a team places a "free runner" on second base during an extra inning.  Thus, it is easier to score making a marathon game less likely.  This rule was instituted in 2020 and 2021 in response to the pandemic.  It was continued in 2022 since spring training was shortened because of a labor dispute.  Now it will become a permanent rule.

At first, I frowned at it, but now I think it is a good idea since it will shorten games.  A marathon game can last four hours, and many fans will walk out before its conclusion.  This rule will not apply in the postseason.

For many years, an NHL game could end in a tie after the regulation 60 minutes of play.  But a tie is like kissing your sister.  Some time ago the NHL added a 5-minute overtime period, but the game could still end in a tie if no team scored.  After the 2004-5 season was lost because of a labor dispute the NHL added a shootout if there was still a tie after the 5-minute overtime.  It was hoped that this rule would generate interest in hockey.  During the 5-minute overtime, each team is limited to 3 skaters so that those shootouts would be minimized.  This overtime rule does not apply in postseason so a game can go on indefinitely,

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