Monday, November 21, 2022

Two Online Relationships That Were Short and Sweet but Ended Abruptly


Some months back a woman followed me on Twitter.  Just for the heck of it, I followed her back.  All of a sudden, she chatted we me.  She lived in Tulsa, was divorced, and had a five-year-old daughter.  I mentioned to her the Bob Dylan Center in Tulsa.  The chat was friendly, and then suddenly, she said she had no food in her home and asked me for money.  I immediately ended the chat and the mini-online relationship.

A young lady wanted to friend me on Facebook and said "Cool name Nice to meet you, I just read your profile and was surprised to find out that you live in Flushing?"  She wanted to continue to chat with me but suggested we use an app called Telegram since she thought Facebook Messenger was not secure.  A few things she said:

Good morning, I send you the first ray of sunshine in the morning, I hope he can bring you a good mood for the day, the weather in Toronto is not very good today, I will read at home in the morning, and I will make an appointment for a yoga class in the afternoon. What fun things are you planning to do today?

We also got into a discussion about Jeopardy.  She said she would leave Toronto in a few months and would come back to Queens.  My chats with her continued for about three days, but then just ended. A day later I sent her a message "How are you today?"  No answer, and so it ended.

In both cases, I mentioned my age and they did not have a problem as I was significantly older then them.

Oh, well.

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