Wednesday, November 9, 2022

Major League Baseball is Losing Popularity

Here is a quote from "The Athletic", an excellent online newspaper:

The Astros’ six-game series win over the Phillies averaged 11.78 million viewers on Fox, and 12.03 million combined viewers (Fox, Fox Deportes and streaming), the network said, which are fine numbers amid the harsh realities of the modern TV universe but still makes for one of the least-watched World Series on record.

In fact, it trails only 2020’s pandemic-affected Fox TV-only 9.94-million-viewer average (Dodgers over Rays). Last year’s six-game Braves win over the Astros averaged 11.94 million for the network, which has aired the World Series since 2000.

This is a concern since Philadelphia and Houston are major TV markets.

I believe that much of this decline can be blamed on the slow pace of the game and the predominance of walks, strikeouts, and foul balls.  Starting next season there will be a pitch clock and a limit on throws trying to pick off runners.  This should lessen the time of games.  Perhaps this will help to increase interest in baseball.

There may be some resentment about the outrageous salaries given to players.  Is any athlete worth $30 Million a year?


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