Thursday, November 17, 2022

Exhibit on the Jewish Deli at the New York Historical Society

 I certainly have written about delis many times in this journal.  This new exhibit prompted me to make a return visit. The society's website states, "Our special exhibition examines how Jewish immigrants, mostly from Central and Eastern Europe, imported and adapted traditions to create a uniquely American restaurant and reveals how Jewish delicatessens became a cornerstone of American food culture."

I was especially amused by a video that shows how delis were portrayed in TV shows and movies including the famous scene in "When Harry Met Sally."

Delis portrayed in the exhibit include:

  • Second Avenue Deli
  • Katz's Deli
  • Stage Deli
  • Ben's Deli at 7th Avenue and 38th Street - site of the famous Oldies Meet and Greets
  • Ben's Best Deli in Rego Park

Do you remember this advertisement scene decades ago in the NYC subway?

It is sad that so many kosher delis have closed over the years.  Likely, changing demographics is the primary reason for their demise.  Restauranteurs should try to apple to all ethnicities.

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