Thursday, November 17, 2022

Bob Dylan Bootleg Series #17 Fragments will be Released on January 27


The rumors are now official that Bob Dylan Fragments - Time Out of Mind Sessions 1996-97 is coming out.  There will be a 2 CD and 5 CD version.  Of course I will have to get the 5 CD version.

DISC 1: Time Out Of Mind - REMIXED

DISC 2: Outtakes and Alternates (13 tracks)

DISC 3: Outtakes and Alternates (12 tracks)

DISC 4: TOOM Live 1998-2001 (12 tracks)

DISK 5: Previously Released Outtakes/Live (12 tracks)

There are two videos below.  An unboxing of the set and Leve Sick Take 2

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