Wednesday, May 18, 2022

My Latest Walking Tour of Rego Park


Corner of Booth Street and 63rd Drive
A sporting goods store named Harley's
was at this location decades ago

I have certainly written a lot about Rego Park in this Journal.  After my dentist appointment today, I decided to take another walking tour as I have done several times in the past.  Obviously, nothing in this world stays the same.  Many retail establishments have come and gone over the decades.  Some observations:
  • The site of the Tower Diner on Queens Blvd. was demolished.  The site of the Trylon Theater next to it which is now a synagogue is also slated to be demolished.
  • Parkside Chapels at 66th Road and Queens Blvd. was also demolished.
  • The Shalimar Diner on 63rd Drive was also demolished.
I believe in all three cases there will be high-rise apartment buildings constructed.

In any event, everyone I knew in Rego Park has either moved away or passed on.

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