Sunday, May 29, 2022

It is Sad to See People Scrounging Garbage Cans for Bottles and Cans


People buying soda and beer must pay a five-cent deposit for each item.  This is done to prevent thousands of pounds of plastic and aluminum from entering the waste stream and to allow them to be recycled.  Many consumers don't want to be bothered and through the bottles and cans into garbage pails.  I regularly see people scrounging garbage cans to look for items that can be redeemed for cash.  They take big shopping carts with recyclables to the local supermarkets.  It is so sad to see people doing that.  It would take 200 items to get $10 in cash.

I usually generate about 20 bottles and cans each week, resulting in $1.00.  Whenever I went to the supermarket, I saw lines of people waiting to redeem bottles.  Since it is not worthwhile to wait so long for just a buck, I place my bottles and cans into the recyclable bin in my building.  Obviously, someone will break through the large transparent plastic bags and take out the bottles.  I see it as a donation to charity.

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