Tuesday, May 3, 2022

Mattea Roche - The Latest Jeopardy Superstar


Mattea is the fourth contestant this season to win 10 or more games:

  1. Amy Schneider - 40
  2. Matt Amodio - 38
  3. Mattea Roche - 20 (still going)
  4. Jonathan Fisher - 11
With 20 wins she ties Julia Collins for the second-biggest winner in the number of games won for women.

For winnings in regular season play, she now ranks #6.

But how many more games will she win?  You never know if she will miss a Daily Double or Final Jeopardy and lose.  I observe that she is gaining more confidence as she wins more games.

I hope that the final three in the Tournament of Champions in November will be Amy, Matt, and Mattea.

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