Thursday, May 5, 2022

Do Newscasts Turn Off Listeners to Music Radio Stations in Morning Drive?


I regularly listen to WFUV from 6:25 AM until 7:10 AM when I turn on the Today Show on NBC.  Until recently the station had a brief newscast at 6:50 AM.  For the last week or so this newscast was dropped.  Several years ago, the station dropped NPR news but kept a local newscast.  I don't know if this situation is permanent or temporary.  Is the station trying to cut its costs by eliminating a newscast or is there evidence the listeners turn to another station to avoid hearing the news?

Later in the morning, I listen to WBGO which plays jazz.  There is an NPR newscast at the top of the hour followed by local news.  At the bottom of the hour, there is only local news.

Both not-for-profit radio stations are excellent but obviously differ in their approach to the news in the morning.

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