Friday, April 1, 2022

What is the Sense of Having Rules and Regulations on Bicycles if They Are Never Enforced?


NY1 news aired a report last on problems with bicycles on sidewalks.  The reporter demonstrated many bicycles on the sidewalk on the upper west side of Manhattan.  I observe this problem in my neighborhood and in downtown Flushing.  Large e-bikes that are used for deliveries are especially a problem.  Over a year ago I had to jump on a snowbank to get out of the way of an e-bike.

There are regulations regarding the use of bicycles in New York City.  It explicitly states that riding bicycles on sidewalks is explicitly prohibited, and the bike may be confiscated.  It also states that if a bike is used for commercial purposes, the business must be identified.  Also, bicyclists must obey traffic signals.

What is the sense of having rules and regulations when they are never enforced?

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