Sunday, April 3, 2022

Looking Forward to the Baseball Season


Baseball season will begin this Thursday, April 7th.  There was some anxiety during the lock-out that was finally resolved.  When Steve Cohen bought the Mets, he stated he wanted a World Championship within 5 years.  The team performed poorly in 2021 with a 77-85 record.  Several player moves were made in the off-season to improve the team:
  • Pitcher Max Scherzer
  • Third Baseman Eduardo Escobar
  • Outfielder Starling Marte
  • Outfielder Mark Canha
  • Pitcher Chris Bassitt
There has already been one setback as Jacob deGrom will be sidelined because of a stress injury in his shoulder.

The big questions are:
  • Will the players perform?
  • Will injuries decimate the team?
The big events at Citi Field this year will be:

  • The retirement of Keith Hernandez's number
  • Old-Timers Day

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