Sunday, April 24, 2022

Remembering Record Stores in Queens from Years Ago

 Yesterday was Record Store Day, but there are just no more record stores in Queens, so I couldn't celebrate.  Four years ago, I visited Rough Trade Records in Brooklyn, but this year I didn't visit any record stores.  I thought this would be a good opportunity to recall record stores that I visited many years ago.

  • Alexanders Record Department - I went there every Friday after school to see what was on sale.  I remember the mono albums were always $1 cheaper than the stereo version.
  • Mr. Simmons Toy Store on 63rd Drive - He sold 45 rpm records.  His store was destroyed in a fire in 1972.
  • Musicam - on Queens Blvd. near 63rd Drive
  • Triboro Records in Jamaica - they had a terrific collection of 45s.  It was across the street from the Queens Library.
  • Sam Goody - this was a chain, but they had a store in the Queens Center Mall
  • Coconuts - they had stores in the Bay Terrace Shopping Center and in Downtown Flushing.
  • Nobody Beats the Wiz - they had a store in downtown Flushing. 

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