Tuesday, April 12, 2022

PTSD and Dreams


I am in contact with Din, a former colleague, through Twitter.  He suggested that my dreams about visiting my former employer may be a symptom of PTSD.  Here is what I found in https://forgehealth.com/what-can-cause-ptsd-nightmares/

"Nightmares are a feature of PTSD. Even general nightmares can feel life-threatening, but with PTSD, they are actually tied to an existing trauma that happened in the near or far past."

Facing transit delays or doing an unpleasant task are unhappy experiences, but they are not traumatic.  Is an unpleasant experience a nightmare?

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hi, I'm din said...

Lol, hi Bruce, the PTSD comment was more tongue in cheek more than anything. I know not all your time at NJIT was unpleasant and certainly/hopefully none of it was at a nightmarish level.

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