Thursday, August 20, 2020

Today is National Radio Day

I own this Sangean HD Radio

August 20th is National Radio Day.  I have been an avid listener of radio of different formats and methods of transmission since the early 1960s.  This includes AM, FM, HD, SiriusXM, Shortwave, and internet (streaming).  In recent years it has grown by leaps and bounds,  but the impact of traditional terrestrial radio has declined with the phenomenal growth of the internet with its multitude of streaming services and online stations.

On National Radio Day this enthusiast would like to thank all in the radio business for their devotion to their professional or avocation.  There are just so many to list, and I would want to slight anyone so I will not mention any names.  There are:

  • On the air personalities
  • Corporations that own radio stations
  • Program Directors
  • News Directors
  • Hobbyists who run internet radio stations with their own funds
  • Music Directors
  • Engineers
  • Sales Men and Women
  • People involved with promotions
  • Jingle producers
  • Please forgive me if I have omitted anyone.
Keep up the good work!

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