Friday, August 21, 2020

Random Thoughts of the Day


I passed by Whitestone Lanes a few days ago and observed that it was still closed even though they can open on August 17.  I assume that they had to do a deep cleaning and disinfection before they can open.  They will have to disinfect the bowling balls after each customer.

I got a little grin yesterday when I found out that the woman who succeeded me at my position at my former employer left after 2 years on the job since her commute was very long.  I stuck it out there for 25 years despite a long and complicated commute.  About 18 years ago another librarian left after one year since his commute was very long.  Both traveled from South NJ.  I am New York Strong!

I agree with the restaurant owners that indoor dining should be allowed in NYC.  The infection rate here is the lowest since the pandemic began.

I am really upset that the Coronavirus hit the New York Mets.  Hopefully, the people involved are asymptomatic and play can resume soon.

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