Thursday, August 13, 2020

My Thoughts about the Mets after the First 20 Games of 2020

First of all, I phone the ticket office today trying again to get my refund for tickets that I bought for games in July, August, and September.  They have a cumbersome procedure for getting refunds.  I didn't have to do anything and easily got refunds for a concert and Broadway show earlier in the year.  They are already trying to sell tickets for 2021, but the Coronavirus is not going to go away when the calendar changes to 2021.  For all we know they may still have to play in empty stadiums in 2021 or possibly limit the number of tickets sold.

Getting back to the field; they are 8-12.  The hitting has finally shown some life as they have scored 19 runs in the last 2 games.  Until recently they could not hit with runners in scoring position.  I will not miss Yoenes Cespedes as his departure opened a door for Dom Smith.  The starting pitching has been hurt with the loss of Noah Syndergaard, Marcus Strohman, and Michael Wacha.  The latter may return soon.  Rookie David Peterson has been a pleasant surprise.  The bullpen remains a question mark as Seth Lugo is the only reliable pitcher.  Edwin Diaz seems to be improving, but still can implode.  A rookie major league manager may make some errors of omission like not pinch-running for a slow catcher.

If the Mets get hot they can easily get back into contention.  We will have to wait and see.

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