Sunday, August 23, 2020

Should Baseball Teams Sell Tickets for 2021 This Early?

The Mets and Yankees are already selling full and partial season tickets for 2021.  Starting next week the Mets will be selling single-game tickets.  I think it is much too early for them to do this.  The Coronavirus will not end when the calendar turns to 2021.  There could be a serious resurgence this fall.  It is quite possible that 2021 games will have to be played without fans or possibly with a fraction of the stadiums' capacity.  Why should the teams hold the fans' money for several months?

I finally received all my refunds from the Mets, but it took me a number of months and several phone calls to get them.  As I stated once before in This Journal I will have to go to the Yankee ticket office in 2021 to get an exchange.  I think it would be futile to complain to the New York Department of Consumer Affairs.  They must be swamped with people making complaints about not getting refunds.

Another thought - Is there a digital divide for people buying tickets for any kind of event.  How can you buy tickets if you don't have a computer, internet access, or smartphone?

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