Monday, August 17, 2020

Thinking about Bowling Alleys Today

Starting today bowling alleys in NYC can reopen with some restrictions.  When I passed by Whitestone Lanes this morning I saw a news van from WNBC-TV that was obviously there to report on the reopening.  Whitestone Lanes has been at Linden Place in Flushing at least since the early 1960s since I remember my dad taking my sister and me there to bowl.  Over the years many bowling alleys have closed since the sport has lost some popularity.  Let me try to remember some bowling alleys of the past.

  • Tri-Bowl - this was on 63rd Drive in Rego Park across from P.S. 139.  It only had 12 lanes
  • Hollywood Lanes - this was on 67th Avenue and Queens Blvd.  Now Devry College occupies that site
  • Woodhaven Lanes - It was on Woodhaven Blvd in Forest Hills.  I think it had 60 lanes.
  • Turnpike Lanes - on Union Turnpike near the Queens-Nassau border.
I am sure there are others that I have forgotten.


Back in the early 1970s, I dated some girls in Brooklyn.  Going bowling was an inexpensive date.  There were:
  • Gil Hodges Lanes - I believe it is still there
  • Mill Basin Lanes - This may still be there under a different name.
There is a very funny story about Mill Basin lanes since my friend Mike from CCNY became engaged there to Heidi.  A bowling alley is certainly a very unromantic place to pop the question.  I had a joke back then about that incident.  Mike popped the question at a spare moment to strike while Heidi was in the right frame of mind.  He wanted to get a lot of pin action.

Those were the days.

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