Saturday, June 6, 2020

Random Thoughts of the Day

Peaceful protests of police brutality are certainly acceptable, but enough already.  You have made your point after 10+ days after the murder of George Floyd.  Even peaceful protests are disruptive.  For example marches across major thoroughfares may block drivers who have nothing to do with the situation at hand.  What if an ambulance is blocked by a peaceful protest?

There seems to be a double-standard about social distancing.  The peaceful marchers were on top of each other, while days before the protests some summons were given out for people not wearing masks.  I just hope there is not a spike in COVID-19 cases from all these marches.  There was a memorial service in Brooklyn for George Floyd where people were very close.  De Blasio was there and did not say anything.  Did he respond about his daughters' arrest?  I just don't think he performed well during this crisis.

Phase 1 of the re-opening begins Monday in NYC as non-essential businesses will be allowed to open.  I sense that it will be a long time before recreational and cultural activities will return to normal.  I obviously miss ball games, museums, libraries, movies, and shows.  What will happen if there is a resurgence of the Coronavirus?

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njfan39 said...

I think it would be more accurate to ponder if the protests are productive rather than if they are enough. In recent memory, there were marches/protests in 1992, 2013, and 2014 centered around frustrations with the police department but yet we are here again. I think blame goes on both sides though - politicians for failing to enact and organizers failing to follow through. Also, a failure on society at large for thinking the issue is isolated and not related to other issues.

I agree that there isn't enough discussion about the lack of social distancing during the protests. It's mentioned but with a passing glance. I am not saying if protesting is worth the risks or not but rather the discussion should be had.

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