Sunday, June 21, 2020

I am Beginning to Think There Will Be No Major League Baseball This Year

Players and staff of the Philadelphia Phillies and Toronto Blue Jays have tested positive for the Coronavirus.  All MLB training camps are being closed for cleaning and disinfection.  Arizona and Florida have recently emerged as hot spots for the Coronavirus.  If there is a spring training, the Mets and Yankees will hold workouts in NYC.

MLB and the MLBPA have still not come to an agreement on the number of games and salaries.  If there is a season, it would be no more than 50 games.  There is also talk of having tie games or a runner placed on second base in an extra-inning.  I really don't care about those innovations.

It is now June 21.  I just think there are too many complications involved in starting an MLB season in 2020.  I already received refunds for Met tickets for April and May.  Eventually, I will get a refund for all 11 games I purchased for this season.  I went up to Yankee Stadium in early March to buy tickets for two games,  According to their website I will have to go back to the box office in 2021 to get an exchange for future games.

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