Sunday, June 14, 2020

15 Albums That Greatly Influenced My Musical Tastes - Part 1 With Brief Explanations

About two weeks ago I received this Facebook message from Phyllis Horowitz:

Choose 15 albums that greatly influenced my taste in music. One album per day for 15 consecutive days. NO EXPLANATIONS, NO REVIEWS, JUST ALBUM COVERS.

Since I have hundreds of CDs, cassette tapes, and records, Ii is very hard to limit it to 15 albums.  In most cases, the albums that I selected represent similar albums and artists.  Since this is my journal and not Facebook, I will add brief explanations and do 5 at one time.  Keep in mind that there is no particular order of the albums.

I remember in Spring 1966 I had to scrape up my allowance money to buy this.  I worked at my father's store on a very hot July day and finally bought it at Alexander's record department.

I have this album in vinyl, cassette, and CD.  Maggie's Farm was my favorite Dylan song as I approached retirement.  This album represents all Dylan albums of the 1960s including Highway 61 Revisited.  One of my Facebook friends thought I should not include too many Dylan Albums.

I must have hundreds of covers of Bob Dylan's songs in my collection.  This album represents the covers of his songs in many genres of music.  It obviously represents the Byrds and its members.  Roger McGuinn. Gene Clark, David Crosby, and Chris Hillman are well represented in my collection.

Paul Simon, Art Garfunkel, and yours truly are graduates of Forest Hills High School.  I have several albums of  Simon and/or Garfunkel in my collection.  Both have survived the test of time.

Donovan has been described as the British Bob Dylan.  I have a few of his folk albums on the Hickory label in my collection.  He made the transition to folk-rock in this Sunshine Superman album.

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