Friday, June 19, 2020

Bob Dylan's Rough and Rowdy Ways

The first album of original Bob Dylan songs in 8 years was released today.  There have already been several reviews written by journalists who heard advance copies.  These reviews are very positive as Dylan at age 79 is getting better.  I am disappointed that the concert at Forest Hills on July 8th was canceled, but in part, this new album makes up for it.  I am sure that several songs from this new album would have been featured.

I am listening to it for the first time on Amazon Prime Music as I am writing this journal entry.  I would really have to read the lyrics to make a more detailed analysis of it.  For some reason, I will not receive the CD from Amazon until June 23.  In the past, I have received CDs on the day of release. Later today, I will read some of the reviews.

Two preliminary comments:

  1. Jimmy Reed joins the ranks of Blind Willie McTell, Charlie Patton and other musicians who influenced Dylan.
  2. Did Dylan ever visit Key West?

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