Saturday, November 23, 2019

Listening to Archives of the 60s 70s Show While it is on Hiatus

Friday nights have not been the same over the past several weeks since The 60s 70s Show has been on hiatus.  There was an unfortunate disagreement between Bob Radil and the owner of the internet radio station that carried the show for 9 years.  It is my opinion that the owner was unnecessarily nasty and irresponsible in his actions.

In any event, Bob needed a little break as he had to attend to various personal and professional issues.  I know of at least one proprietor of another internet oldies station who is interested in carrying the show.  I am sure that the show will come back bigger and better in 2020 and all the loyal listeners will return.

I am actually listening to the archived shows on a Saturday morning as I usually do.  Friday nights are usually busy for me:

6 PM - 7 PM - Listening to the 60s 70s Show with the family on the Amazon Echo
7 PM - 8 PM - Jeopardy and Wheel of Fortune
8 PM - 10 PM - Watching a sporting event.  If it is bad I'll go back to the  60s 70s Show

On Saturday mornings I check the archives and listen to the parts of the show that I missed.  Thus it is now Saturday morning as I am listening to the archives of a show from 2018.

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