Friday, November 8, 2019

6 Dylan Enthusiasts Talk it Up at NYU

First of all, I thank Sal Fallica for arranging a conference room at NYU for this meeting.

Whenever I have announced a meeting on Facebook it is inevitable that people just don't show up.  There is certainly no malicious intent.  3 people contacted me on the day of the event with regrets.  6 people were enough to initiate many stimulating mini-discussions about Bob. The following Dylan fans came:

  • Bruce Slutsky
  • Lawrence Kaplan
  • Steve Joyce
  • Sal Fallica
  • Matt Waters
  • Philip Hale
The meeting was very unstructured with discussions from A to Z and topics that occurred from 1962-2019.  The average topic was discussed for about 30 seconds.  Off the top of my head we discussed:

  • Dylan at the Beacon Theater
  • The relationship between the Beatles and Dylan
  • Gene Clark
  • Laura Tenschert's radio show Definitely Dylan
  • Ringo Starr requesting that Murray the K play Corrina Corrina from the Freewheelin' album
  • Stephen Scobie's book Alias Bob Dylan
  • Lawrence Ferlinghetti 
  • Planet Waves
  • The Tempest
  • Dylan singing adult standards
  • Blonde on Blonde as some people's favorite Dylan album
I didn't take notes, but there were many other topics considered.

We felt that a restaurant or bar would be too noisy for future meetings with similar discussions.  I feel that future meetings should be more focused.

Lawrence Kaplan had some rare videos in his personal collection and felt we can show them at a future meeting.

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