Monday, January 28, 2019

The Local Public Library is My Park Bench for the Winter

The worst thing any retiree can do is sit home and do nothing and be tempted to turn on the TV and view whatever junky show that is easily found.  I enjoy reading, but when I stay home I can be very easily distracted.  During the warmer months, I can sit in a park or on a bench outside my apartment and read.  Since this is impossible over the winter, I have habitually visited the Mitchell-Linden Branch of the Queens Library.

I always bring in my own reading material since the collection is very small.  I also observe that this book collection is very stagnant.  I think the librarians should weed books that are not circulating and replace them with newer items.  I understand that there are likely budgetary issues, but I think they can do better.  Likely, many books are available electronically.  Very often, I search the library's catalog and request that the book is brought to my local branch.  This service is very reliable.

I am beginning to recognize some of the regular patrons.  There is an elderly woman who comes in with her son and peruses the newspaper.  Today, one man was just looking at his cell phone.  Another person, just sat down and slept with a magazine in his hand.

It is different experiencing the library as a patron.

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