Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Buying Chevys in Forest Hills: 1972 and Today

Today I got a 2015 Chevy Cruze from Sunrise Chevrolet in Forest Hills.  Let’s turn back the clock to April 1, 1972 and examine the parallels between then and now.

In spring 1972 I enrolled as a graduate student at the University of Rhode Island in rural Kingston.  I found out the hard way that is was very hard to get around without a car.  I lived in a room about 1 mile north of the campus and took a bicycle to and from the campus.  That area was very spread out and I was limited to where I could go.  I pleaded with my parents to get a car for me.  On April 1, 1972 my father took me to Luby Chevrolet on Yellowstone Blvd and Queens Blvd in Forest Hills where we bought a 1972 Chevy Nova.

Over the years there had always been a Chevrolet dealership at that location, but the name had changed.  It became Lawrence, then HB and now Sunrise Chevrolet.  So today, almost 47 years later I went with Karen today and picked up a pre-owned Chevrolet Cruze.

Since it was a cloudy, dreary day, I decided not to photograph the new car.  I'll do it tomorrow.

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