Thursday, July 6, 2017

Some Thoughts About Facebook

It’s been a while since I have commented here about Facebook.  I just looked and I see that I have 519 friends, but how many of them do I really “know”.  Many of them I have never met, but some I have only met once.  Some people are very open about what they say on Facebook, while others are very tight lipped.  DS is a Facebook friend who I have known online for many years, even before Facebook, but I never met him.  I think I spoke to him over the phone many years ago.  He constantly talks about his medical problems on Facebook.  One woman whom I met just once at a professional meeting described in detail how her marriage fell apart.  Do I have to read about a stranger’s problems?  I met AL at an oldies meet and greet and friended him.  Every day he greets everyone and later says when he is going to sleep.  Is all of this necessary?

Whenever I go to Citifield, I post that I am there and ask if any of my Facebooks friends are there.  Here are a few people whom I met for the first time there:

  • Joanna Ente
  • Ira Sonin
  • Kate Kosturski

There were a few people at the game, but I just couldn’t get to their seat during the game:

  • Amy Kearns
  • Alan Stern

I guess I am often guilty of posting nonsense.Must 519 people know that I am at Ben’s Deli eating a pastrami sandwich?  It seems that Facebook is not a fad and is here to stay.

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