Thursday, July 27, 2017

My Tweets Made a New York Newspaper

If Donald Trump's Tweets can make the newspapers, so can mine.  There is a relatively new paper called AMNY  that one can pick up for free in or near a subway station.  It has a column called Today's Chirps.  If one adds #amny at the end of the Tweet, the paper may publish it.  Most of the Tweets in this column deal with public transportation issues in NYC.  4 of my Tweet were accepted for publication.

Bruce Slutsky‏ @BruceS8852  Jul 26
 To help alleviate crowding on the subway employers should stagger hours for workers.  Please don't remove seats. #amny

 Bruce Slutsky‏ @BruceS8852  May 24
 Anyone who can fix the signals in the subway system should get $3M as stated by the governor and a ticker tape parade down Broadway #amny

 Bruce Slutsky‏ @BruceS8852  Apr 17
 Mazel Tov! No train delays on NJ Transit or the 7 Line both ways on my commute from Flushing to Newark #amny

Bruce Slutsky‏ @BruceS8852  Mar 27
 There should be a Nobel Prize awarded to anyone who can fix the signals in the subway #amny

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