Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Buying a Vagrants CD 50 Years Later

When I was a student at Forest Hills High School (1964-67) there was a rock group called the Vagrants whose members were 4 students of my class.  Their names were:

  • Peter Sabatino
  • Larry West (Weinstein)
  • Leslie West (Weinstein)
  • Jerry Storch
They usually played local gigs and even appeared at the prom for FHHS 1967 (my class - but I didn't go).  I vaguely remember in the Summer of 1967 I did see and hear them at the Singer Bowl as they were the opening act for the Rascals.  I think Scott Muni of WNEW-FM was the host.

Anyway, there was a web site with an article with narration from NPR .   This clip was heard on a show called Fresh Air.

In 1968 Leslie West formed a better-known group called Mountain who played at Woodstock in 1969. The other three left the music business, but the article states that Peter Sabatino has formed a group called the New Vagrants.

Anyway, reading the article inspired me to buy the CD shown above. on Amazon.com.  I'll have to find the time to listen to it.

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