Monday, July 10, 2017

Elected Officials Often Use Wrong Metaphors and Can Cause Anxiety Among Citizens

New York Governor Andrew Cuomo has been quite verbal in describing the situation at Penn Station as the "Summer of Hell".  This has created much anxiety among commuters including myself as you can read in my last journal entry.  The media has exacerbated this by constantly repeating "Summer of Hell" in news reports.  I think the governor should have been a "cheerleader" by asking commuters to be patient during this period of repairing track at Penn Station.  There have some hellish situations on mass transit, especially in recent months.  The recent derailment at 125th Street was an example.  There were some accidents on mass transit that caused deaths.  There have been long delays causing great inconvenience for many in all types of weather.

Andrew Cuomo is smiling in the photo above,  But, would he be smiling if he regularly had to take mass transit to work?

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