Saturday, July 8, 2017

Anxious About the Summer of Hell Starting Monday July 10

Beginning this Monday and continuing until September 1 Amtrak will be working on repairing the tracks in Penn Station.  Over the years I have encountered many delays on NJ Transit and the NYC Subway which were documented on my companion commuting blog.

These repairs are being done during the summer when many commuters are on vacation.  I will be on vacation the weeks of July 17 and August 14.

The schedule for the trains that I usually take on NJ Transit is the same.  My major concern is encountering major delays entering Penn Station in the late afternoon and leaving it in the morning.  These delays are quite common under normal circumstances.  Many NJ Transit and Amtrak trains have been rerouted so hopefully, these delays will be minimal.

The people who will be most inconvenienced are NJ Transit passengers on the Midtown Direct line who will be rerouted to Hoboken.  Their commute will be longer since they will have to change to fthe PATH there.  Many LIRR trains will be rerouted to Brooklyn or to Hunters Point Avenue.  Those people will have to change to the #7 train which is crowded enough.  This would affect me.

Wish me luck.

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