Saturday, April 2, 2016

Yesterday Was April Fools Day

It seems that jokes on April Fools' Day were more common years ago.  Yesterday Facebook friend Steven Jay Gilinsky announced he became engaged.  He fooled a few people including myself, but retracted the announcement later in the day.  When Jeopardy came on yesterday Alex Trebek appeared for a few seconds without his pants on.  There were a couple of pranks later on the show as they played a few Wheel of Fortune jingles and showed Ken Jennings answering a question.

There was a Morning Zoo reunion on WCBS-FM yesterday morning.  Competing radio station Z-100 was not mentioned but Scott Shannon and other were on that station in the 1980s.  WCBS-FM is now trying to attract listeners in the 25-54 age range who grew up listening to contemporary hit radio in the 1980s.  They don't want old farts like me who grew up in the 1960s listening to WABC and WMCA.

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