Sunday, April 3, 2016

Play Ball - It's Opening Night for the Amazin' Mets

It must be the first time ever when the teams in the World Series meet each other on the following opening day.  It will be Harvey Day as Matt will face the Kansas City Royals on Opening Night.  The young pitching staff is now more experienced and will likely be strengthened when Zach Wheeler returns later iin the season.  I think the hitting will be the question mark.  Was Yoenis Cespedes' 57 game tenure last season a fluke?  Will Neil Walker be an improvement at second base over Daniel Murphy?  Will the bullpen come through?

The Mets' success will also depend on how the Washington Nationals do this season.  They obviously underachieved last season and let the Mets win the National League East.  They changed their manager and made some improvements.  It is a long season and anything can happen.

Play Ball!

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