Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Good Luck Jim Engles

Today I heard that NJIT's men's basketball coach Jim Engles resigned to accept the coaching job at Columbia University.  When NJIT entered Division I sports the basketball team fared very poorly as they lost 50 games in a row when Jim was hired,  In the 8 years he was at NJIT he turned the team around is it became competitive at the Division I level.  Many people including myself were skeptical about the advisability of moving from Division II to Division I, but Jim proved everyone wrong.  Credit must also be given to Athletic Director Lenny Kaplan, the assistant coaches and many others who are responsible for the team's success.

I think the key to success in college sports is the recruitment of student athletes.  Hopefully the Wellness and Event Center which will open in Fall 2017 will attract excellent student athletes to NJIT.

Jim Engles returns to Columbia where he was Assistant Coach before coming to NJIT.  I wish him all the best.

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