Monday, April 18, 2016

Good Day for a Staycation

Since my vacation hours are a little high, I decided to take today off to get a 3 day weekend.  If we have more than 175 vacation hours after June 30, we lose those excessive hours.  I have to get my bank down to zero when I retire.  The weather was absolutely perfect.

I took my car to Sparkles for a wash.  Since I was there last they took away the iPads and put in a little coffee shop.  I guess they are trying to make a few bucks off people who are hungry while they are wating for their cars.  My 2000 Chevy Cavalier looks like a brand new car.

From there I drove over to Alley Pond Park where I took my usual hike and then sat down to read my Kindle Fire.  It is difficult to read from an electronic device when the sun is very strong.  I looked at a "tradtional magazine" instead.

While looking at Facebook I found a link to Rich Appel's list of It Should Have Been a Bigger Hit.  I guess not too many Bob Dylan fans voted.

Back to work tomorrow.

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