Tuesday, March 15, 2016

WNEW-FM Returns to the NYC Radio Dial

WNEW-FM at 102.7 has some distinguished history in NYC radio.  I think the most thorough story of the station can be found in the NY Radio Archive. The Wikipedia article may be a little easier to read.  It was album oriented rock at its finest.  To make a long story short it died a slow death in the 1990s and early 2000s.   In January 2007 it changed its format  to adult contemporary and branded as Fresh FM and changed its calls to WWFS.  In the years after that CBS radio parked the calls in Jupiter, Florida and then Bowie, Maryland.  WNEW-FM at 99.1 FM in Bowie was an all news station serving Washington and Baltimore, but in December 2015 became Bloomberg radio station.

Just today the WNEW-FM calls returned to 102.7 FM in NYC.  It did not change format and the branding remains as Fresh FM.  Few radio stations brand with their call letters today anyway.

Another announcement was made today stating the CBS was looking to divest their radio holdings.  This could mark the end  of an era in American broadcasting history.  I am not in the radio business, but it would be unlikely that the radio stations would be sold individually.  Could any company afford to buy all CBS radio stations.  I think it would be more likely that the radio division would be spun off.

These announcements kept the various radio message boards busy today.

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