Monday, March 7, 2016

Bob Dylan to Return to Forest Hills after 51 Years

It was a big day for Bob Dylan fans as a the American leg of the 2016 Never Ending Tour was announced.  On July 8 he will be playing at the Forest Hills Tennis Stadium for the first time since August 28 1965.   Mavis Staples will be the opening act. It was also announced on BobDylanIsis that his next studio album called Fallen Angels will be released on May 20.  It will be a collection of adult standards.

This will be the first time that Dylan has played in NYC since November 2014.  The presale will be on March 14 but one must have an American Express Card.  Sadly I don't have one, so I have will have to wait until the regular sale starts on March 19.  I assume that only linited tickets are available through the pre-sale.  Let's hope for the best.  Even if I applied for an American Express Card tonight, I wouldn't get it in time.

Now I'll turn the clock back to August 28, 1965 when Like a Rolling Stone was near the top of the chart.  Dylan's folk music fans were outraged as he went electric in 1965.  This concert was described in detail on this web site .  The first half was acoustic, but when Dylan went electric in the second half there was hostility in the crowd.  Al Kooper was in Dylan's backup band.  Hopefully Al will make an appearance at the 2016 show.

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